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The difference between success and failure is not giving up

The Laws Of Attraction are concerned with how to draw close into your life the things that you value and wish to acquire. This is achieved by forming the image of what you want, then a attracting what is required to exist within your reality through a strong focused magnetic attraction. If what you want doesn’t already exist, then you either need to create it or wait until someone else to does.

The Laws of Creation are not about attracting what you want, but rather creating through desires, imagination, expectation, belief, persistence, and energy the things that you wish to exist within your life. Throughout the ages people have created everything that can be observed within today’s physical world. Inventors, explorers, artist, architects, and others have created within reality what previously didn’t exist by using their knowledge of the Laws of Creation.

The Laws of Creation or The Laws of attraction are both extremely vulnerable to procrastination, weak unclear desires, lack of perseverance and the inability to maintain focus long enough until what is desired has actually been obtained as imagined or fully achieved. There is potential to give up the quest for what they desire, or settle for second best, because what was required hasn’t been obtained within the limited time-frame they imagined, a symptom of the instantaneous gratification fast food mentality coming into effect. Not persevering long enough until exactly what is required becomes real is indeed a tragedy, on many occasion without realizing, giving up just as what is desired is beginning to form within reality.

Creation is not only about bringing what you want into your life but also controlling the conditions you wish to accept or reject. When things don’t go right, when undesirable situations get legitimacy within your life experience the sole reason for their continued existence is that you didn’t negate or change them. Your abilities are infinite, beyond comprehension, being limited only by your potential to perceive the possibility for success. All that is necessary are the desires, belief, expectancy, focus and perseverance, together with the application of the necessary energy levels to achieve what you desires.

Each moment has the potential to be special and memorable. Time goes by, mostly unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of daily life, so many things to do with so little time to achieve those all those goals. The effect is life becomes an insignificant blur as tasks are achieved one by one, many with only short-term impacts or benefits. The true wonder of life is lost in a haze of things to do, tasks uncompleted, the demands of others, work and family requirements; life becomes a carousel spinning round faster and faster without achieving any memories of long-term value. Creating a life of value that can be treasured does take focused effort and attention, there will always be distractions, but setting priorities of what you really wish to achieve above all else is extremely important. Don't leave the important things in life that have true value until it is too late. 

Programming reality is simple compared to changing reality that is already in progress or going into a transitional phase or already exists strongly in the form of desires. Once clearly defined desires can be put in place, then without procrastination or deviation pursued undauntingly, the reality desired will finally at some stage evolve as required. Managing the elements to form what is desired takes talent, determination and practice as well as timing; with the dynamics of your reality timing and clarity are everything.

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The Laws Of Creation

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Are you living the life that you always imagined, the life that you really desire? Can you realize your dreams and desires, or are they gradually slipping away from you?

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The Laws Of Creation

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You are the creator of your own perceived reality with full control of your own true destiny. Don't be a creation of circumstances, start to take full control of your destiny.

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You create the reality you believe you deserve

A firm belief in the right or legitimacy to have a life that matches your wishes is necessary in order to achieve a life that is in accordance with your dreams and desire. The deepest thoughts and uncontrolled wanderings of the mind can hinder or completely negate what you wish to achieve. Always maintain a clear intent and focused upon what you want for your life and pursue that undauntingly, irrespective of the roadblocks that may arise to throw you off course.